Pulp & Paper Chemicals

Paper is an indispensable part of industry and of our daily lives. STC NICCA supplies product based on surfactant for every stage of papermaking from pulp manufacture to paper making and finishing process. Furthermore, when conserving our natural resources is a primary objective, STC NICCA is actively engaged in developing chemicals needed to recycle wasted paper.

    These chemicals are used to remove ink from newspapers, magazines and other printed material, and are also use to produce recycled pulp.
    Paper is dried on a cylinder known as a dryer with a mirror surface. Once the paper is stretched over the cylinder, it is difficult to remove. Dryer releasing agents are used to assist the paper to come off the dryer smoothly. These chemicals are particularly necessary in the manufacture of tissues and pasteboard.
    When we look around us, we can see that we are surrounded by foamy material in various forms, soap bubbles, beer bubbles, ice cream and sponge cake. These are of course many areas where this foam is useful, but it can be detrimental to productivity and lower added value. In industries where the presence of foam would cause trouble, chemicals known as anti-foaming agents are used to remove it. Defoaming agents are useful in many different fields. Typical cases are paper and pulp factories, human waste, sewage and effluent treatment plants, paint works.


De-Inking AgentsLIPOBRIGHT SeriesWashing use, recycling waste paper
Dryer Releasing AgentsSUNTORL SeriesInternal additive
Spraying additive
Bulking Promoter & Opacity AgentsMUSCUT SeriesGeneral use paper
Coated paper
Softening AgentsLAFINESSEImparts softness paper
Defoaming AgentsFOAMLEX SeriesPulp & Paper defoam